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New BBC Homepage

Sunday, 16 December 2007
Wait, there's a new BBC homepage?!

It's much shinier. I'd be tempted to call it the Vista edition. And fully customisable.

  • Could a customised BBC homepage push BBC News off my homepage?
  • Did they nick all their ideas off Facebook?
  • Is blue the new red?
  • Have they stopped using tables?
  • Whatever will those trust-fund madmen think of next?

Full review when I've had the chance to mess with it.
Initial impression - I love that the second hand on the clock on the top right wobbles slightly as it ticks... Like a real clock!

Check it out here: NEW BBC!!!!1

Edit: 5 mins of messing about, I now can't get back to the international version after having set my location for weather reports. Maybe I want weather from elsewhere? Or maybe I just like world news...

Edit 2: Strike that. I can localise the weather to anywhere. But I still can't get back to the international version. This is important because I just can't shift the dude with dreads. Huge image dominating the page. Go away!

Edit 3: Problem solved. Used the old website to change the settings of the new site. Now my view is unobscured by giant cross-promotional banners. Super.


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