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Friday, 25 January 2008

The Surrealist's Evening Standard Headline Generator.
This has kept me amused for literally minutes now.
It sticks together parts of real headlines to create fake ones that probably aren't half as silly as the stuff the London papers really publish sometimes.

The best one I've generated is "Queen's wasps stolen at gunpoint". There are a couple of these headline boards near my house. The best real headline I've seen out in the wild was, "Gypsy and Immigrant in Fight to the Death". It would have been sacrilegious to actually read the story.

I'm hoping someone else can create a Daily Mail centrefold feature generator soon: Hitler/Kylie/Bush/Husband is secretly an Egyptian/Alien/Mormon/KGB Colonel.

I also remembered Not The BBC News, a site that lets you replace words from BBC News stories to create new stories. If you're clever it's very convincing. But remember to do no evil.


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