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Four For Finking

Tuesday, 29 April 2008
If old news is new to some its news. Yeh?
Sharing some things I read about today.
Submarines, Japan, sdrawkcab and car-jacking...

Growing numbers of drug runners are using DIY submarines [Wired]
Worth reading just for the term 'narco-terrorists'. Consider.
If the A Team smugled drugs, this is how they'd do it.

Japanease advertisers give out search words instead of tricky URLs [via BoingBoing]
An old story but I looked it up again. If most people find content through Google, why have a memorable address - just make sure you're easy to search for and keep people on site when they arrive. Screw the front door, front page, tiny URL. Lets get straight to the good stuff.

Chigaco newspaper prints backwards frontpage as protest against gun crime [via Greenslade]
Expect to see the Independant trying this pretty soon.

BBC reminds us that GTA is made in Scotland [BBC]
This game is going to be huge. Not simply from a sales perspective - we've all seen the queues to buy Halo or Mario on TV before - but because it marks the first time the whole mainstream media is really taking a game seriously as a cultural landmark rather than a novelty for kids. Recognition is an important step.
And it's made in Edinburgh - the UK should be prouder of this than we are.
The only thing the new GTA is lacking is tiny home-made submarines for drug smuggling.


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