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Imperfect and tense

Friday, 28 March 2008
Below the fold is a round-up of everything I wrote on placement at the Telegraph in the last two weeks.
I was only writing one or two pieces a day for the site, and some of my stuff was later replaced by other journalists (we usually throw the basics up online while we wait for the experts to pitch in), but I think it's a decent slab of work.
Some of them are quite funny.

I'm back now anyway, so normal service will resume shortly, including:
Blunkett - "two thirds of the shadow cabinet were..."
Cameron - The hush
Photoshop - Leave me never
Byron - Suprisingly dull
Liger Vs Pizzly
Cage-fighting toddlers on YouTube/Bebo

Telegraph Online

American caught having sex with picnic table
The X-Files to return to cinemas
BBC Olympic staff to outnumber athletes
Titanic survivor's secrets revealed
Brown got lost 'at the crucial moment'
Rogue monkey accused of attempted rapes
Robin Williams to divorce second wife
Terminal 5 opens as British Airways move in
Heather Mills to challenge Sir Paul's valuation
Bingo winner shares jackpot with neighbour
Arab student denies killing Norwegian woman
Engineering overrun causes rail travel delays
Missing boy Ben Smythe found 'safe and well'
Kurt Cobain smoked oregano with his mum
Push-up bra is 'greatest fashion invention ever'
Women-only hotel opens in Saudi Arabia
Simon Cowell is cancer girl's 'guardian angel'
Tunnelling badgers disturb family graves


Jenny said...

'Kurt Cobain smoked oregano with his mum'. Truly inspirational. What a brilliant article to have in your portfolio.

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