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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Now this is a very interesting map.
It popped up on Boingboing this evening having been produced by Le Monde.
The Map's a pretty rough infographic showing the popularity of various social networking sites worldwide.

It's a great idea, but I'd like a little more.

These sites can be hugely influential within various groups - like British students on Facebook - so it would be nice to see exactly who is looking where. Critical mass usually leads a single site to dominate certain demographics. But where are the boarders and what have the revoloutions looked like? I guess I'm really demanding a social networking atlas now.

Guardian booklet giveaway team, are you listening? Hell, you're probably already on it.

For a start a proper picture of Europe would be very nice.

I think there must be better, more detailed figures available. Social Networking sites are really just data mines for advertising companies and there is very little they don't keep track of. The problem will come when they don't want to share that information with each other.

So I'm going to have a go myself and see how far across Europe my contacts web extends.

This mean's I'm looking for europeans who I can e-mail about their web usage. Not exactly proper science, but I've found an itch the web can't scratch so I'm resorting to talking to people.

If you have friends who talk funny, please pass them my way, or let me know you'll ask on my behalf - and we'll see about a full report soon.


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