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Read Me - A polite request

Wednesday, 27 August 2008
So yeah, I'm off working on my MA website.
No name yet kids after three months of work, and it's due in 16 hours time... (tis but a simple banner swap when I pick one).

I've built a search engine into my site, thanks to Google. But it won't work because Google is refusing to notice my little chunk of work in progress.
But we can do something about that - we, together, the people, standing up and making ourselves heard by the big boys in California.

Basically I need to get a page-rank so Google's machines think my site is worth reading for the search engine. And to get that I need links, links to my site from active, popular websites.

So would anyone who feels like doing me a favour please link to this page:

And that way by the time my tutor tests it next month the search engine should work.

That is all. Thank you in advance for your co-operation. Feel free to drop the link again in a couple of months. Feel free to put it in tiny white letters on a white background. Feel free to tell all your friends.

Just don't message me about typos. I'll get there...


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