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The return to Oz

Saturday, 18 October 2008
The start of a new weekend feature on Terminal Moraine - link blogging all the best things I've read online in the last week.

The Things He Carried - The Atlantic
I havn't had the pleasure of heading to the US in recent years, but with Russian and Iranian visas at the front of my passport and a Hamas TV-Shirt, it could be fun no matter how blue my eyes. US border authorities the TSA have an awful reputation for paranoid bullying, which achieves precisely nothing in terms of security. The Atlantic exposes just how useless they are.
Not that it's just a US problem - My lovely lady recently got in trouble for trying to take saline solution to France. The War on Moisture at British airports continues.

How We Lost the War We Won - Rolling Stone
On the ground with the Taliban. Nir Rosen is the only western journalist for some time to get frontline access to militia groups fighting in Afghanistan. It's important we all know who we're fighting out there.

The night I was 'killed in action' - Telegraph
Telegraph man in Afghanistan embedded with US National Guardsmen gets hit by IED.

Unleash the Puppies of War! - Danger Room
More from Afghanistan - The dogs adopted by US soldiers and their struggle to take them home to the US at the end of their service. There are now groups set up to help get the dogs vaccinated and flown back.

A Crisis of Conscience -
The bank bail outs cost a lot of money. In the US alone it's cost $850billion. Sure the idea is that the taxpayer will get a lot of it back at interest, and we need the banks to opperate to keep the economy running, but the sheer size of the investment is staggering. Like the 3 trillion dollar cost of the war in Iraq, you have to wonder how else it could have been spent. look at what kind of difference $850bn would make to the third world. Hint: Free healthcare for everyone on the planet for a decade.

Black and white TV generation have monochrome dreams - The Telegraph
"I only dream in black and white" sang Iron Maiden. Probably because they're old you see. I wonder what the next stage is, because my dreams frequently feature a crosshair and health bar. Too many games?

Moving pictures

Zero Punctuation: Stalker review - The Escapist
Talking of games - Breathless snarky video reviews that manage to be funny, opinioned and also damn good criticism.

The Daily Show - Comedy Central
Comedy writing inspired to match the scale of current events. I've been watching the show daily and it does a brilliant job of addressing all the big issues with smart understanding, warmth and wit. Stewart can get a little too Dr Evil, and the correspondants arn't as funny, but the shows a powerhouse of intelligent commentary.


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