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Hacker tries to kill Vernon Kay, Wikipedia's security shattered, ITN dies

Wednesday, 17 September 2008
Vernon Kay denies death rumors

Such an awful story in so many ways.
According to ITN/MSN News/Yahoo, people who edit Wikipedia pages are "Hackers".

The Buckinghamshire advertiser has an even worse write-up of the same crap.

I'm astonished any journalist out there doesn't know how Wikipedia works. Anyone can edit with a single click. This doth not a "Hacker" make. Pathetic. Massive fail ITN and everyone who posted the story or got their pet gibbon to mash out an ignorant re-write.


Thom Poole said...

You have to wonder how close to Vernon Kay these "friends" are, if they have to use wikipedia as a way of finding out about him.

Times don't change all that much - remember Mark Twain and the news wire cock up: "the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"?

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