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Chrome buffed up - there's a storm brewing in the browser wars

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Chrome is a new web browser developed by Google. It was launched yesterday and will compete with Firefox and Internet Explorer and some Apple browser thing.

Things you should know about Chrome: Each tab can crash separately, it doesn't like Facebook at the moment, it has a porn mode, and they moved the tabs above the address bar.

Chrome isn't just a browser though. It's a statement of intent: Google is coming for your desktop, and Microsoft had better watch out. It's the next stage of Google bringing together all their services and applications into a single package.
Soon you won't need anything else.
Wait until they start building Chrome into TVs and phones. Games, office programes, e-mail and file storage are all moving into web browsers. When I start my PC the browser's the first thing I open. What if there was only a browser?

They call it the cloud, and it lies heavy on the horizon.

Google launched Chrome with a comic by Scott McCloud, smart comics legend.

Sadly, the comic's rubbish, full of smug marketing speak and dry technical nonsense, veiling corporate expansion behind utopian dreaming.
That's until the internet got hold of it and started to re-mix it.

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