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Top animal conflicts: Predator and prey

Sunday, 26 October 2008
The internet loves lists, it loves animals, it love pictures and it loves fights. This post has it all. May I present - a list of unusual animal conflicts that I've come across in the last few weeks.

Giant Spider eats a bird
Popular this week: A giant Golden Orb Weaver spider in Australia traps and eats a passing Finch. The web is strong enough to hold the 10cm bird while it is drained of blood by Shelob's young cousin.

Great White Shark acrobatic eating
Jaws here is mainly a tube of muscle with a whole bunch of teeth at one end. Nothing unusual about a Shark eating a seal, but rather impressive pictures. The shark seems to be' showing off; dinner with a backflip.

Pelican feasts on puzzeled Pigeon
There have been Pelicans in London's St James' Park for more than 300 years. Exactly when they decided Pigeons were tasty is unknown, but anything that clears the flying rats from town is welcome.
More pictures Here.

Mouse bites venomous viper to death
The plucky mouse dives and rolls, avoiding the clumsy strikes of the ancient serpent, before spotting an opening and striking true. I name this mouse Bard.

Leopard savages crocodile
Two true predators, an even contest. Sure, the Croc looks rather small, but lets not take anything away from the cat who decided to make a meal of the longest surviving species on the planet.

Horse and Hound: The Revenge
Now we don't know what happened after this photo, but I have to assume horse trampled hound to death and ate the dog's guts and eyes, before wearing it's skin as a grisly hat.

Heron gulps down Rabbit
This one shocked me the most. This is a cute bunny we're talking about here, but the heron knows no mercy. Clever bird, because I'm pretty sure drowning won't work on it's usual prey, fish. It must have done this before...

Alien Vs Predator
Who cares.


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