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Futurology: The next crusade and the future of the British Army

Monday, 3 November 2008
The British Army is planning to issue new 'full cover' body armour to soldiers in Afghanistan by 2011. That's head to toe bulletproof protection.

The SAS are deeply unhappy with the Land Rovers UK forces are using, and troops face helicopter shortages. Add to this rising fuel costs, and the army is looking for a supply of cheap new rides.

The Army main battle rifle, the SA80 has a history of problems, despite a reputation for accuracy and recent fixes.

Paras coming back from Afghanistan reveal the close quarters nature of most of the fighting out there.

Regimental cuts and long deployments are leaving the Army as a smaller, more elite force.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking...

Ready for the next crusade


ForgeGames said...

It's all gone a bit 'Master Chief' methinks...

Anonymous said...

Yes. Forever Yes.


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