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Harlequin Spitfire - Tumblr rapid blogging

Wednesday, 26 November 2008
This month I have been mostly Tumbling.

Tumbling is like blogging. But faster. And hosted by a company called Tumblr.

My new Tumblr is called Harlequin Spitfire, and it's been running for a little while now.

And it suits me well, because it's a fast way to collect and share things you like. I've been using it to collect music and pictures. It's dead simple, and full of pretty sounds an images, so please go take a look. It's updated several times a day so there should always be something new on offer.

This week we've had Solargraphs, Florence, meteor strikes, and Adam Ant, among other beautiful fragments.

Someone probably called it a mosaic of genius. Someone else enjoyed it so much they're still there, grinning at the pictures, nodding at the sounds and dribbling on their trousers.
Others havn't seen it yet, and they're even poorer than the rest of us for it.

I'm not saying it's better than your favourite blog, but...

Pretty soon I'm sure I'll set Harlequin Spitfire up as a feed over here, but it looks quite pretty over on Tumblr.

Go see > link > share > tell > worship > die.

Some of the many treats on offer at Harlequin Spitfire.


怎麼會這樣 said...

cool blog,期待更新.........................

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