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SEO for Journalists

Wednesday, 10 February 2010
Useful SEO tools, links and resources for journalists, to go with my talk on SEO to journalism students at the University of Sheffield.

Basic SEO reminder:
  • Describe your content with strong keywords.
  • Get related sites to link to you.
  • Make sure internal and external link text uses appropriate keywords.
> Auto suggest & related searches provide keyword tips

Google Insights
> Compare terms to find the most useful keywords

Google Adwords Keyword tool
> Recent search volume information

Google SEO starter guide (pdf)
> SEO guide from those in the know

SEOMoz Search Ranking Factors study
> Thorough analysis of the relative weights of different factors in search

Open Site Explorer or Yahoo Site Explorer
> Allow you to explore inbound link structures

10 ways journalists can conquer SEO
> Great set of useful tips

Google Living Stories
> Better ways of surfacing information.

SEo and Social Media aggregator - excelent source of news and tips
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